It is with great sadness that we must announce the passing of Hon. Michael Bourne. Because of this the Health Harmonisation site is currently for reference only as we cannot perform any treatments at this time. If the situation changes we will post about it on here.


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The Key to Our Success – How our bioresonance therapy works

The way Health Harmonisation works is all down to research. This has come about through treating our team and patients over the last 8/10 years and has led to some very remarkable discoveries. First however let me tell you about the problem we had to overcome – namely, the confusion regarding the published magnetic field frequencies associated with Bioresonance/Oscillation Therapy. So many frequencies, for so many burdens, and each so different – how to know which was the right one to use?

Based upon the discoveries of our Energy Heroes (and heroines!) we begin all treatment plans by testing for four major burdens; beginning with parasites. Who would think in this day and age that we sophisticated humans could possibly have parasites in our bodies, laying eggs and disrupting our immunity,  leading to pain and disease? Yet in many years of testing, that is what we have found.

So a good example of the complexity about which frequencies to use, concerns parasites and their eggs, or helminthsporium. Through a minor but important miracle we discovered that all parasites lay eggs on the same four frequencies, which means by implication that it is no good obliterating a parasite on a given Rife or Rayonex frequency without at the same time harmonising the eggs in order to prevent a further outbreak when they hatch. And this leads us on to the point of why at Health Harmonisation we have invested in not one, but 8 Rayonex Electronic Signature Bioresonance Machines – to us failure is unacceptable, and we need to smash the parasite eggs, if we want to succeed!

In the work of Professor Rife, and in the published Paul Schmidt and Dr. Manfred Denecke frequencies, we have a grand variable in starting points; so how do we cope with an ever increasing number of magnetic field frequencies? Answer: Reduce the number of frequencies and use more machines.

Over a period of time it dawned on us; for successful harmonisation leading to body pain reduction it was necessary to cover the two ends of the equation – the toxic burden pitted against the body whereabouts. So it became obvious to us that a single machine couldn’t do the job. A reduction of frequency numbers placed into several machines, is the Secret of Our Success.

The following Key constituents speed the Harmonisation process:

  1. The Blood: instead of worrying about the many parts of the blood, the plasma, the thrombocytes, the erythropoietin, serum and so on, Health Harmonisation came up with a blood frequency number to cover the lot. And this was crucial since we have yet to experience a single case of toxicity that didn’t lie in the blood!
  2. The Nerves: Prof. James Oschman who wrote a book ‘Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis’ alerted Health Harmonisation to the importance of the Nerves. For body movement to take place, the brain must send a message down the nerve tract for the finger to wiggle or to move the foot. Not one of the many nerve frequencies listed, the myelin, pyramidal system, the parasynmpathetic or sympathetic or vegetative nerves would clear the toxic burden, the solution lay in the nerve surround coating, the PINEURIAL NERVES which send messages from the brain. So if it were possible to get at these all important brain transmitters surely that would be the nerve short-cut? Midnight oil, we burnt the candle at both ends. When finally we worked out the Pineurial nerve solution we had to brush away tears from our eyes!
  3. Molecular Cell Water: the body is comprised of some 70% water. Back to James Oschman – could we get at a 70 odd body percentage clearance by working out the magnetic field frequency of the Mollecular Cell Water? That is precisely what we did.
  4. Connective Tissue: there are many connective tissue departments; ranging from the epithelium to the synovial bursa to the hyaluronic acid, the list goes on and on. More Research and we distilled the lot into one single harmonisation frequency. It hasn’t been attempted before but our number succeeds.
  5. Poisons: all toxicity resonates as a poison on the magnetic field 99.99 khz. Easy – when the poisons indicator on 99.99 is harmonised the body is free of disturbance zone and pain.


See here for the science behind all this.

Be in our Listening, our Thinking, our Understanding and our Vision’


The Three Stages of Health Harmonisation


Triangle Point No 1: We have never witnessed a case of pain in which unwelcome body toxins haven’t been the cause, even restricted mobility. REMEMBER – Pain equals Parasites’ or other toxic burdens. We utilise the work of German genius Energy Medicine experts, Dr. Med. Elmar Ulrich and Dr. Manfred Denecke to uncover and then harmonise painful body-toxins.

Triangle point No 2: The bone marrow makes the blood, Health Harmonisation understands the yellow and red bone marrow which make the blood. The blood circulates the body every two and a half minutes, so most toxic burdens are in the blood … and for body pain-relief this is a good starting point. Then we move to what is incorrectly called the Connective Tissue – it includes the Lymph drainage system, the skeleton, muscles, skin etc.

Triangle point No 3: The starting point is the realisation that the body wants to heal itself.  Our Testimonials show this. Then we have to understand that toxic burdens in the body for many years may take a little dislodging! Trend, Trend, Trend of the direction of healing is what Health Harmonisation is all about …… COMMUNICATE AND WE WILL HELP.