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Knowing that the control of all body organs lies in the brain, Health Harmonisation has researched a method of linking the brain to its Harmonising Programmes, A.Met 1 & 2.  The result of this linkage is interesting and links the brain control magnetic field khz numbers to those of the immune system.  This appears to […]

Treating Common Health Problems With Energy Medicine

Body pain ‘disturbance zones’ mean toxic burdens.  Too much computer, microwave, TV, wind turbine exposure and over-use of the mobile phone all equal Electro-Magnetic Radiation (Electro-Smog).  Headaches, foot/hand and low-back all with aches, usually indicates the existence of parasites, possibly bacteria. In his book ENERGY MEDICINE – THE SCIENTIFIC BASIS, James Oschman states ‘In the […]

The Blood Group Diet

Our harmonisation treatment programmes are principally designed to rid the body of toxicity, however there is another important aspect sparked by the excellent work of Dr. J D’Adamo in his book ‘Eat Right for Your Type’.  Doctor D’Adamo’s work highlights the connection between Blood Group and diet.  Type O:  Those in the blood Group ‘O’ […]

Energy and Health

About 15 million years ago the universe experienced ‘Big Bang’, creating the energetic matter that would lead to intelligent life.  God created the energies that led to human life, energies held for us by Mother Earth.  Mother Earth’s magnetic field polarity is negative, all body pain-causing toxicity on an opposite and positive polarity. This is […]