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Health Harmonisation- The Team

The Hon Michael Bourne, Founder of Health Harmonisation,  Member of the German Society for Oscillation Medicine,  ’Vereinigung zur Forderung der Schwingungsmedizin e.V’

Following a career in the City, Michael went to live in a beautiful cottage in Pembrokeshire in 1999, where he unfortunately became quite unwell. It was quite some time before he discovered that the land on which the cottage was built suffered from Geopathic Stress, and that the alarming decline in his health was connected to his living conditions. After many fruitless visits to doctors and complementary practitioners, a sympathetic dentist recommended that Michael read Hulda Clark’s ‘The Cure for all Diseases’. This was his introduction to the language of Energy, and to a growing awareness that all diseases and microbes exist on a frequency. He became interested in bio-resonance/Oscillation Medicine, and with the benefit of his experience of treating his own ill health, he started helping other people with their health problems. Health Harmonisation was set up as a health care system to help people in pain who have not found relief through conventional methods.

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Marian Bourne BSc (Hons). CST. CK. AK (see www.marianbourne.co.uk).

Marian is a nutritional supplementation and homeopathic remedy expert. She can use kinesiology or craniosacral therapy to help the previously pain-ridden body to recover more quickly. When Health Harmonisation harmonises the initial toxicity, Marian can ensure the aftercare is going in the right direction.

Amanda and Antti Tietavainen

Amanda and Antti Tietavainen provide blogging and website support to Health Harmonisation, after their own health concerns were successfully treated with this unique system of Energy Medicine.