To assist with Aftercare, Health Harmonisation is fortunate to offer the skills of Marian Bourne BSc (Hons). CST. CK. AK (see
Marian is a nutritional supplementation and homeopathic remedy expert. She can use kinesiology or craniosacral therapy to help the previously pain-ridden body to recover more quickly, and has a strong understanding of the detoxification process. When Health Harmonisation harmonises the initial toxicity, Marian can ensure the aftercare is going in the right direction. Feel free to contact her if you’d like to know more.

The Body PH

The correct acid/alkaline balance of your blood and tissues is of great significance in maintaining good health. Acid/alkaline balance is measured on a pH (potential hydrogen) scale from 1 (very acidic) to 7.4 (neutral) to 10 (very alkaline). 7.4 to 7.5 are considered ideal for optimum body functioning.

Most people tend to be more acid than alkaline, but this can be influenced by making appropriate food choices with a bias towards alkaline foods. Broadly speaking, all fresh vegetables and plant foods are alkaline, and meat, dairy produce, sweet foods and alcohol are acid-forming.

See ‘The pH Miracle’ by Dr Robert O. Young for more guidance.