Allergy Alleviation

Health Harmonisation has phials covering every type of Allergy. Our method of Allergy Alleviation is to test and inject these phials into our electronic broadcast system, then harmonise them against the immune system control frequencies. It may take a couple of times but it works. The allergy phials split roughly into two halves. The first half contains things like gluten, shellfish, peanuts, e-number colorants, food preservatives, taste enhancers, food flavouring substances, disinfectants, pollen, animal epithelia (budgerigar, cat, camels and so on), fungi of 31 varieties, hay dust, and many detergents. These are only examples as each phial may contain up to 20 different items of any particular group. Then the second half of the phials we test for consists of the dangerous toxins which the body can’t get rid of and which many people are allergic to without even realising; Antibiotics, corticoids, local anaesthetics, pharmaceutical products/psychiatric drugs (including the stress drug diazepam) pesticides (the substanecs that kill rats, flies, weeds & worms killers) environmental chemicals, including chlorine and parabens, fibres like asbestos, all fuels, dissolvents such as toluene and xylene which come in in plastic containers, and lastly a long list of 18 dental substances.  Just having an Allergy Test at Harley Street will cost around £500. At Health Harmonisation we not only test but harmonise all allergies at a quarter of the Harley Street testing price. Our specifically designed Allergy Harmonisation programme costs £125 and we run it until we succeed.

If you wish to test for allergies and for Health Harmonisation to harmonise their effect against your immune system we need a hair sample, click here to purchase our package for Allergy Harmonisation.