Knowing that the control of all body organs lies in the brain, Health Harmonisation has researched a method of linking the brain to its Harmonising Programmes, A.Met 1 & 2.  The result of this linkage is interesting and links the brain control magnetic field khz numbers to those of the immune system.  This appears to benefit any Health Harmonisation ‘get-well’ programme immensely since it isn’t any good attempting a foot pain clearance if the brain control system is clogged.  Using the analogy of a garden watering can; if the sprinkler holes in the can are blocked, then the water flow will be interrupted. If the holes are totally blocked there will be no water flow at all.  In order to have perfect water flow and sprinkler pattern, the holes must be unblocked.  This principle is precisely the same with the human brain control, unclog the brain and the body will be on the mend.


From now on each Health Harmonisation programme will link the brain control numbers to the immune system.  It is early days but initial findings tell us two things.  1) It is no use clearing the immune system if there is a higher brain control blockage leading to a reversal of our good work, and 2) all future Health Harmonisation programmes will introduce this brain/immune system linkage find as a matter of course.  This should lead to a faster, more in-depth pain ‘disturbance zone’  clearance.


Be in our Listening, our Thinking, our Understanding , our Vision.


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