Chiki Tea and Herbicides – The Miracle

Health Harmonisation patients have nearly all suffered from herbicide/weed killer poisoning. Farm tractors dragging huge sprays are a sight we have all seen, and our wheat fields don’t have a weed in sight. The downside is that having killed the weeds the herbicides leech through the ground and into the water table. As the water is drawn off for human consumption, so it appears in our tap water – we drink it and it poisons us!

All body disturbance toxins, whether parasites, bacteria, metals, hydrocarbons, fungi and yeasts or virus, not only register on their own particular magnetic field resonance (witness the Nobel prize awarded to Dr. Einthoven) but also resonate to khz 99.99, POISONS.

The Chiki Tea miracle: Chiki Tea comes from Japan and will soon be available in a London Japanese goods store. In the form of a charcoal block, put into water the Chiki resonates on the POISONS FREQUENCY, 99.99 KHZ – PRECISELY THE SAME FREQUENCY AS ALL BODY DISTURBANCE ZONE TOXICITY!

Placing the Chiki Tea bar into water, and topping up to drink regularly, will harmonise/negate the body toxins causing us pain. Health Harmonisation are currently running tests to establish the length of treatment, we have no method of discerning degree, however for those who submit vibrational energy in the form of a tuft of hair, we will know when toxicity is cleared since when cleared there will be no resonance on the poisons magnetic field frequency of 99.99 khz.

It is also quite clear to us that harmonisation of the poisons magnetic field frequency also harmonises the Blood, the Pineurial Nerves which transmit brain signals to allow every body movement, and the Molecular Cell Water surrounding every cell in our body. It so appears that the
Chiki Tea Water harmonising all body poisons is key.

The Chiki Tea Website currently states ‘about to open’ – watch this space and in the meantime read the rest of our website to learn the science behind body disturbance zone pain, even readhow it can help smokers and those who want to lose weight.

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