Energy and Health

About 15 million years ago the universe experienced ‘Big Bang’, creating the energetic matter that would lead to intelligent life.  God created the energies that led to human life, energies held for us by Mother Earth. 


Mother Earth’s magnetic field polarity is negative, all body pain-causing toxicity on an opposite and positive polarity. This is why, when you walk barefoot on a sandy beach your feet tingle, it is the negative Mother Earth energies trying to transmit healing to overcome acquired body toxins.

 Clint Ober, the American who invented TV cable, was aware of the earth’s magnetic and negative polarity.  He noticed that joggers passing him by in the park all wore rubber-soled shoes and were therefore insulated from the healing energies of Mother Earth.  Turning to clever doctor friends he soon established that all the body-invading toxins live on the opposite and positive magnetic field polarity.  And so he invented the Ober Earthing Mat for folk to sleep on and so get the benefits of Mother Earth healing energies through the sleeping hours of the night.  The mat is earthed into the wired house electricity circuit and so connects the sleeper directly with the healing energies of Mother Earth.

 At Health Harmonisation we follow the Ober discovery precisely, first by detecting the toxic burdens and then raising the power on the magnetic field to negative until the toxic burden positives are harmonised and the toxins ejected. 

 If it wasn’t for school failures writing mathematical equations, I would feel like ending with QED (quod erat demonstrandum, ‘it is proved’)!  


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