Energy Medicine for Weight Loss: A Size Less in Jeans – Health Harmonisation

Every day we hear more and disastrous numbers for increasing obesity. The solutions offered begin with school meals, eating less junk food, more home-cooked meals and vegetables and so on; but nothing has prevented Britain leading in the European obesity stakes. Building upon our success with harmonisation products for both smoking and alcohol cessation, Health Harmonisation has been experimenting with a weight loss product. Please see our weight loss program and our reduced price offer to take part in our revolutionary weight loss experiment.

So, how can Health Harmonisation succeed when others have failed to curb the excesses of ‘junk food’ leading to obesity?

Let me try to explain: on the Health Harmonisation website is an interview by Richard and Judy, who attempted to help a working colleague journalist to give up smoking. He was attached to an expert therapist’s electronic machine, asked to smoke down half a cigarette, chuck the butt into the same ash-filled glass and then spit in it! Head and wrists bound with connection pads, eighteen minutes later the treatment was complete. He was then invited to part with the remains of his cigarette packet!

Some days later he was invited by Richard and Judy to tell them what happened? Had it worked, was he still smoking 60 a day?

‘Haven’t touched a cigarette’, he replied. ‘Couldn’t, something changed’.

Questioned further, the journalist told Richard and Judy that the urge to smoke had been taken away.

This got Health Harmonisation thinking. With our energetic and electronic signature machines we could do the same thing to help people quite smoking. More importantly, we could do it to get rid of the urge for alcohol. And, if alcohol and tobacco, why not weight loss?

In the Richard and Judy video  it is stated that doctors nicotine patches were 6% successful, it claimed the electronic system used by their smoking journalist friend worked 70%. The systems put in place by Health Harmonisation are likely to be 100% successful. Why so much better? Because we have added the refinement of taking the addiction urge out of the system by harmonising against the immune system.

Health Harmonisation research began with the fat metabolism cells, and led to a system which would harmonise, or help free cell blockages and so allow the cells to work normally without the handicap of excessive junk food getting in the way. Our research led us to Cell Tissue Regeneration, to the Ribosomes and Somites, to the Regulation of Water Balance and to Antidiuretic Hormones, to the Lymph Drainage System, to the Muscles and the Multi-enzyme Complex, to the DNA Cytosine and Guanine, to the Immune System and its Killer T Cells and B Lymphocytes, to the Phagocytes. It led us to the Minerals and eventually to the fatty tissue just beneath the skin’s surface (the Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue) and a whole lot more besides.

When we harmonised the weight loss cells we discovered that our patients began to lose weight.

How to help by decreasing the urge for sugary junk foods which lead to being over-weight?

A loss of the urge to stuff oneself full of food which clogs the cell system and leads to obesity and being overweight – that is our objective.

Weight loss: Our weight loss product can be seen on our website shop page. Should you wish to participate we are offering it cheaper than either tobacco or alcohol addiction harmonisation at a £45 special offer price. There is a condition on this reduction: which is that if, on success, you would write a testimonial attesting to your weight loss in order to help spread this revolutionary product around the world. You will then become part of the team that cracked obesity, and will be able to say ‘A SIZE LESS IN JEANS – HEALTH HARMONISATION!’

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