How It Works

In his book ENERGY MEDICINE – THE SCIENTIFIC BASIS, James Oschman states ‘In the living body, each electron, atom, chemical bond, molecule, cell, tissue, organ (and the body as a whole) has its own vibratory character. Since living structure and function are orderly, biological oscillations are organised in meaningful ways, and contribute information to a dynamic vibratory network that extends throughout the body and into the space around it’. ‘Energy medicines’ and ‘vibrational medicines’ seek to understand this continuous energetic matrix, and to interact with it to facilitate healing. (Geber, 1988.)

Our experience in treating over a thousand people throughout the years has proven time and again, that most people who come to us suffering from pain, lack of energy, allergies and various other health concerns,  are in fact suffering from hidden toxic burdens which are placing great strain upon their bodies’ natural defences and resources. We have discovered that, in accordance with the findings of Dr Hulda Clarke and other such enlightened medics, these burdens tend to fall into several distinct categories, such as bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungi and yeasts, toxic metals, hydrocarbons, herbicides, pesticides, manmade frequency disrupters such as EMF’s and other electromagnetic fields, and geopathic stress.

Each of these invading forces exists upon its own specific positive (which in this case means negative to health!) frequency within the energetic matrix; and it is by finding the right frequency and matching it to the specific burden and it’s location in the body, and then broadcasting those frequencies via our Rayonex Polar Machines and Merlin Torch transmitter, across time and space, that Health Harmonisation works. A Dutch doctor called Dr. Einthoven won a Nobel prize for the discovery that each and every disease resonates on its own specific magnetic field frequency, a discovery which led to the invention of the electrocardiogram machine which is now used in all hospitals to measure heart rhythm. There is much evidence for the The Science of Bioresonance and Energy Medicine and you can find out more about it here.

Our methodology

At Health Harmonisation we have three programmes – A.Met 1, 2 and 3. A.Met 1 covers the main toxic burdens (such as bacteria, parasites and their eggs, 7 types of mercury, 6 varieties of the nerve-killer cortisone, toxins leeching from plastic containers, pesticides and herbicides) and  A.Met 2 complements this by treating the areas of the body affected by the burden. A.Met 3 is a very recent development inspired by the work of Dr Manfred Dennecke and is called the Critical Programme. It catches any remainding offenders which have been hiddeb by the more obvious burdens we have elimimated in the earlier programme. It is this programme that has had the greatest benefit so far to people with chronic viral infections such as Chronic Fatigue. By raising the power on the magnetic field we run the programmes simultaneously in order to occupy the home ground of the offending burden. As each toxic burden can only exist on its given frequency, this means that the burden is unable to exist. Once ousted successfully, the body ejects it.

The negatively positive charge of the burden is neutralised at an energetic and cellular level across time and space, restoring the natural vibrancy of the bodies’ frequency to what it was before the burdens arose; recreating  the feeling of health and wellbeing which is our natural birthright. Our energy is restored to what it always could have been, had the burdens not arisen. How long this process takes depends upon the nature of each individual case, the duration of the symptoms, and the combination of the burdens being treated. However, with Quitting Smoking and Alcohol Addition, we have seen great improvements happening immediately, and with Chronic Health Concerns, over a period of a few weeks or months. We tell everyone we treat that health is like an onion skin; the initial treatment usually works to remove 80-95% of the pain, and then we treat any remaining problems revealed in subsequent layers. any remaining problems should be capable of harmonisation on rounds 2 or 3.

‘Be in our Listening, Be in our Thinking, Be in our Understanding, Be in our Vision.’