Health Harmonisation


Vibrational energy

Health Harmonisation starts with your vibrational energy hair sample from which we can test for all toxic burdens causing pain, we call these distress areas ‘body disturbance zones’. Toxicity burdens fall into 8 main categories – parasites, bacteria, hydrocarbons, virus, fungi and yeasts, metals, radiation, and poisons from long taken & over-prescribed medicinal drugs.

Research complexity

Research is key and complex. Let’s take the example of fungal infection harmonisation. Professor Rife’s most excellent manual direction lists 30 Fungal ‘take-out’ frequencies. That’s in the front of the manual, go to the back and discover a further 40! Yet this isn’t the whole story, for in the Rayonex Global Allergy Detection Phials (phial 41 out of 70) lies yet another difficulty, for the fungi phial lists a further 31 fungal infections. At Health Harmonisation we first dowse with a Wilhelm Reich orgone pendant to uncover the offending burden, then attach the revalent phials to the polar electronic signature machines, raise the power on the magnetic field to minus to occupy the toxic enemy ground. The toxic burden can only live on its own specific frequency (witness Dr. Einthoven’s Nobel prize for the discovery that each and every disease resonates on its own specific frequency) and obtain harmonisation, the body ejecting the offending burden.

In my own case the allergy phial system uncovered a fungal infection, curvularia lunata – no wonder I had been in pain!


We have two programmes – A.Met 1 & A.Met 2. The second contains the main toxic burdens of Parasites, Bacteria, Mercury, Cortisone and Radiation, A.Met 1 the body-whereabouts of toxicity existence. We start in the yellow and red bone marrow, where the blood is made, then the blood itself, followed by what we call the connective tissue which includes skeleton and muscle as well as the connective tissue itself. The frequencies themselves are a combination of our own together with those of Dr. Manfred Denecke, a leading German doctor who uses identical machines. Both A.Met programmes are simultaneously taking care to eliminate the helthminthsporium, parasite eggs.

The health onion skin

The body doesn’t always reveal all toxic burdens at stage one. This may be particularly true if the burden has been long-standing. The reason may be that a parasite has a stronger vibration than say a virus or hydrocarbon. To cover this eventuality we pause for around a week to let the body settle, then run the joint programmes again.

God-made frequencies

Toxic burdens interfere with God-made frequencies, at Health Harmonisation we are attempting harmonisation through the clearance of all toxicity when the body will heave a great sigh of relief. The immediate ensuing period will lead to toxic emission tiredness which should be gone by the next day, it is nothing to worry about, just the body saying ‘thank you’.