Longer-Term Health Maintenance

The secret of Health Harmonisation’s successful harmonisation of body-pain is based on the coming together of two factors – the scientific input of Dr. James Oschman and of Dr. Willem Einthoven, whose Nobel prize was awarded for the discovery of the electrocardiogram and was later to lead to MRI Scans. Secondly, our own research into the magnetic field frequencies to make the treatment of pain-causing toxic burdens possible.

There are two distinct levels of harmonisation – first to rid the body of pain-causing parasites and bacteria and other toxicity burdens as mentioned in our Treatment pages. Second, to go deeper and provide a level of harmonisation which will stick and give you longer-term freedom of body-pain.

Let us explain this important second step. There are four factors which need harmonisation to keep the body clear of pain:-

The Blood: Dr Manfred Denecke, a leading protagonist of Energy Medicine in Germany, has worked out that there are 20 divisions of blood category magnetic field frequencies – these range from the plasma, to the pleura, to the haemocytoblast, to the fibrinolysis system etc. Health Harmonisation Research has distilled these blood frequencies down to a single one, and so made the clearance of toxic burdens in the blood more manageable.

The Nerves: In his thesis ‘Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis’ Dr. Jim Oshman (click here to view his video) raises a point that hitherto referred to ‘classical’ nerves are only half of the brain nerve story. More than half the brain nerve transmitters are controlled by an all-encompassing nerve system in the Perineural nerves. This is important and has wide health implications since the brain Perineural nerves are the pathway to successful body movement, blocked and the body cannot respond. The question for Health Harmonisation was simple ‘was it possible to work out the Perineural nerve frequencies to free toxicity getting in the way of clear body movement? It was.

Cell Molecules: Cell molecules constantly vibrate in surrounding water. This was a major James Oschman discovery. Was it possible that this scientific fact had been missed by conventional medicine, possible that the surrounding cell molecules could be treated via their surrounding water? If correct, then the cell molecules might be cleared by treating the surrounding water. Remembering that some 70% of the human body comprises water, toxicity would evaporate, pain simply disappear!

At Health Harmonisation we reached for the ice-pack and bound it in a towel round the head! This was to produce a single frequency to harmonise the water surrounding the body-molecular-cells to produce a short-cut to body toxicity freedom – hey-ho!

The Connective Tissue: The remaining part of Health Harmonisation’s freedom from toxicity equation leading to better health was the Connective Tissue. Manfred Denecke had the subject well covered this time by 30 frequencies. The problem lay in marshalling the magnitude of frequencies covering every aspect of the connective tissue. Back to the icepacks & the midnight oil! The result: Health Harmonisation now has a single magnetic field frequency covering all aspects of the connective tissue.

Summary: It is early days, yet initial harmonisations using the Health Harmonisation ‘Key frequencies for success’ appear to be working and are likely to lead to much improved and longer-term health maintenance. To try  this new treatment for longer-term health maintenance at a reduced price please see our Shop page here.

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