Questions & Answers

  1. Why haven’t doctors or hospitals told me about Energy Medicine?

Answer: Since hospitals employ Energy Medicine principles, using both Electrocardiograms and MRI Scans, the question fools us too. In Germany the situation is completely different, the medical profession is determined to uncover the underlying toxic burden causing ill-health, uses our Class Two Medical Device Electronic Signature Machines to uncover the cause of ‘disturbance zone’ pain. Indeed they have Government Registered health therapists operating from ‘Heil Praktika Clinics’ across the length and breadth of Germany to report to the medical profession on the underlying reason for pain. You can read about Dr. Einthoven and his Nobel prize for the discovery that each and every disease has its own specific magnetic field frequency and in German medicine measurable, on and go to a button marked ‘Our Heroes’ where you can read about Dr.Einthoven and the basis of how Health Harmonisation works.

  1. I still have pain, why hasn’t it gone?

Answer: When the human body has suffered a toxic burden for many years it becomes cunning and doesn’t always reveal all the pain-causing burdens at once. For example, parasites have a much stronger frequency emission than either a fungus or virus. It requires a period of patient patience to give time to reveal the next layer of the health ‘onion skin’ when Health Harmonisation can get to work on this second and emerging layer.

  1. I don’t really believe in alternative medicine, what about Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and ME?

Answer: Health harmonisation has yet to come across ‘disturbance zone’ body pain unaccompanied by an underlying toxic burden. Harmonise the burden and the names Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and ME fade quietly into insignificance.

  1. Do doctors measure for Electro-Magnetic Radiation or Geopathic Stress?

Answer: Not only doctors, but Government too ignore so-called Electro-Smog, don’t appear to have heard of Geopathic Stress, let alone know how to combat its effect and how the two of them can cause serious ill-health. The first example is the negative radiation of wind-turbine generators – the electro-smog emission frequencies of wind turbines are well documented in Germany and include the heart, the brain, and the cell elements known to cause great ill-health. The storing up of electro-magnetic radiation from wind farms, from microwaves, television and mobile phones is guaranteed to lead to more unexplainable hospital entries over the years to come. Of prime importance is the necessity of sleeping in an electro-smog free bedroom. Geopathic Stress comes from 3 sources, Crossings of the Global Grid, underground and negative energy Water Veins, and from Geological Disturbance Zones. All disrupt the magnetic field frequency patterns of our organism. Sleeping under the influence of geopathic disturbance zones for many hours at night will show increasing signs of energetic deficiency. Importantly, the cell deficiency frequencies are precisely the same as the body Cell Elements. They include the Chromatin, Caryotheca, Plasmoleum, Reticulum Endoplasmaticum, Mitochondrium, Nucleolus. Nucleus, Zentriolum, Complexus Golgiensis, Ribosoma and the Cytoplasma. Houses built in Germany along Geopathic stress lines are known as cancer houses!

  1. What about hospital operations to get rid of tumours?

Answer: All tumours contain parasites, often bacteria – some tumours are made by the body as a form of protection, some are made by the encysted parasite itself. The toxic burden parasite is not only in the tumour showing up clearly on the MRI Scan, but is also in the blood. In the view of Health Harmonisation, an operation misses out the blood and does nothing to exterminate parasite eggs. Our programmes harmonise body-wide, including the parasite, the parasite eggs and the blood.

  1. What makes you so confident that Health Harmonisation programmes work?

Answer: You can get some idea of the success of Health Harmonisation programmes by reading the Testimonials on

  1. My teeth have always been on edge, the other day my dentist showed me the tell-tale black patches showing on an x-ray and indicating bacteria. Do Health Harmonisation have a programme to eradicate, and which is superior to antibiotics?

Answer: The difficulty with antibiotics is ‘which bacteria fits which antibiotic’? Health Harmonisation can be more precise, we have the research to know which bacterial burden is involved, which gives us a good chance of success in harmonisation/obliteration, even in the teeth.

  1. What about skin disease – can Health Harmonisation help with Acne, Psoriasis or Exzema?

Answer: Skin explosions are surface evidence of a wider problem lying deeper within. In our experience the parasites involved in skin eruptions are always found in the intestinal tract. In attempted harmonisation of the skin therefore, we begin with the intestinal tract, followed by the blood, then move on to skin – getting rid of the primary source usually does the trick and reduces irritation dramatically.