Smoking and Alcohol Addiction

Smoking is no longer the sociable habit it used to be. This short episode of Richard and Judy shows how HH can help you quit.

This Richard & Judy smoking video shows how Bioresonance enables people to give up smoking. In it a smoker said “something was suddenly missing – the craving was gone”.

The Health Harmonisation methodology for treating both smoking and alcohol craving is the same. Using your vibrational energy, we place the tobacco and/or a mixture of alcohol (gin, brandy red and white wine, beer, vodka, and whiskey) into a vial in our electronic harmonisation programme where we run it against the immune system. This eradicates the craving  by encouraging a natural immune system response which creates a feeling in the body of disgust or disinterest towards the substance; a feeling which most of us will remember from the first time we ever had our first alcoholic drink or tried our first cigarette. The Harmonisation process helps our body to remember how unpleasant we initially found smoking or drinking to be, which naturally and effortlessly removes any further craving  for cigarettes or alcohol. From being controlled by craving, you will now be put back into the driver’s seat of your destiny, health and wellbeing, usually in one session. And you don’t even have to be in the same town, country or continent for it to work!

The electronic system used in the Richard & Judy video above claimed a 90% success rate, which is far greater than anything previously claimed, as even nicotine patches can only claim effectiveness at 6%. Here at Health Harmonisation we would be surprised if our crave-removal programme didn’t raise that number to 100%. Thus far, that has been our success rate. If you are ready to free yourself from the craving for cigarettes or alcohol, do get in touch.