Here are a selection of personal stories from people who have experienced the Health Harmonisation treatment programme.

Weight Loss Testimonial

After years of trying for a baby even though we already have a six year old nothing was happening! I decides to visit my doctor and explain what was happening. After several visits and many tears later I was getting no way forward with any answers to why I could not conceive after already having had a baby before. I decided to take it upon my self to look for the answer! This was when I came upon Michael. I picked up the phone and called him explaining my problem he gave me the hope that I had dreamed of for a long time, that he thought he could help me! I was excited and didn’t want to waste any time. I met Michel the next day he cut some of my hair and started testing. To my horror he found a many things that he needed to clear out of my body one that was in my ovary. I felt scared but very reassured by Michel that he could solve this! It did not end there!

I had been told by doctor that I was over weight and this was not going to help me, so if I could lose a few pounds it would definitely help. After speaking with Michel he said ” I can help you do that” I looked at him in amazement and thought to my self is this man magic!! So I decided to give it a go! I went online when I got home and clicked the button on his web site! If I’m honest I thought really can he really make me lose weight? I stopped exercising and just let a few weeks pass I started to notice that I was actually losing weight this really was amazing! I have now lost 2 stone and feel very well.

I recently went to see Michel again as I thought he should know the result he was thrilled I had seen and received the benefits to his amazing work.

I would just like to thank him for all his help! He has been amazing in my journey to feeling human! Baby news to follow.X

          Mrs H L, Glos


Stop Smoking Testimonial

I had been trying to give up smoking for some time, when my sister recommended that I send my hair off to Michael Bourne of Health Harmonisation. My reason for sending my hair was that I’d been having some general health issues after a stressful period at work. Michael dowsed to find out what was wrong and treated me with his General Take-Out programme, which seemed to help enormously, giving me so much more energy and optimism to get through the day. I hadn’t mentioned my half-hearted attempts to give up smoking, or that I even smoked, to Michael; so I was surprised when he said he’d found nictotine in my system when he tested my hair, and that he would take it out using his newly developed Stop Smoking programme! I had been trying to hide the fact that I was still smoking from my family, so I was quite shocked to be found out! After being put through the Smoking Programme, the urge to smoke simply disappeared. Previously, I had felt like something was missing, but not now. It doesn’t even enter into my mind to smoke, and I don’t crave it or miss it at all. My general health and energy levels have also improved, and Michael has done wonders for my two daughters, too. Thanks to Michael Bourne all round!

Natalie C, Cheshire

General Health/Insomnia Testimonial

I’d been having trouble with my health and wellbeing for quite a while, when my Aunt sent my hair to Michael Bourne. I was 17 at the time and had been suffering with insomnia, allergies, terrible period pains, migraines and spots, which were really affecting my quality of life. I am a trainee hairdresser and was just so tired all the time, it was affecting my work and my social life. I also felt depressed a lot of the time, and so didn’t feel like going out very much. My life was dictated by how well I was feeling, which is not much fun for a teenager, and I didn’t feel well a lot of the time. I’d been to the doctors, but they just tried to put me on hormones for my skin and antidepressants for my depression and tiredness, neither of which I wanted to take.

On a visit to my Aunt, she snipped a piece of my hair and sent it to Michael. He treated me, and I instantly felt so much better, and I now feel better than ever have. Michael found all kinds of parasites, viruses and other things still in my system, which had must have been effecting my health for years, and when he treated them, I was able to sleep properly for the first time in years. Now I no longer get migraines, my period pains no longer keep me off work, I have more energy, and even better, my skin has cleared up completely and people keep complimenting me about how well I look! Michael is a really kind person and is very easy to speak to. If you have any problems with your health, send him your hair. You won’t be disappointed.

           Heather W, Cheshire

Asperger’s Syndrome Testimonial

“My daughter Rosie developed language delay, with echolalia, sensory and food issues and communication difficulties, all of which led to a diagnosis of Asperger’s on her third birthday. Over the following nine years , we tried many different treatments, such as occupational therapy, one-to-one tuition and dietary interventions such as removing gluten and casein from her diet, as well as alternative treatments such as homeopathy, all with limited success. While some aspects improved, at the age of twelve Rosie still had difficulties with making eye contact and appropriate conversation.

Within a week of Rosie receiving a bioresonance treatment from Michael, we saw a huge difference in her general behaviour, which was so noticeable that other people also commented upon it. She began making eye contact, expressing herself lucidly, and even initiated a conversation with an adult at a party by herself, approaching him to say “Hello, how are you?” for the first time. The changes have been profound and lasting, and since then Michael has become a great friend.

Michael also treated our youngest child who had always cried a lot, by taking out fish parasites which she’d probably picked up when a well-meaning friend gave her smoked salmon, and the difference in her behaviour was immediate. During the treatment session (which took place by distance ) Gracie sat quietly in her highchair for an hour, which until that point was unheard of, and the hysterical crying has stopped. The lives of my whole family have been changed so much for the better, thank you Michael!”

Patricia H, Glos.

ME Testimonial

“I met Michael Bourne around 8 months ago, he was recommended by the ME Group I was visiting. I had been very ill for 10 years and couldn’t see myself ever being better again.  I sent a piece of my hair to him and a few days later he phoned, telling me he could make me better and invited me to his home the following week.  Although at the time I didn’t understand how he was going to do this, I trusted him from the start.
I was at his house for a few hours and two days later I felt so much better I couldn’t believe it, my energy was returning more every day.

I had more than just one problem, which I already knew, so Michael said he would work on me remotely to save the long journey to his home.  Working on me remotely was amazing because although Michael never told me when he was working with my energy, i could phone him and tell him when he had as I could feel it immediately.  I could feel an energy shift in my body which stopped my pain and tiredness.

When I first came to see Michael, I was feeling 15/20% well, now I am more like 75% well which is a massive improvement, and I know he will carry on working with me till he has found what the other 25% is and fix it.

I consider myself very lucky to have met Michael, he is the kindest, most intelligent man I’ve ever met.  He has changed my life so much and I’ll be forever grateful to him.”

Emma H – Southampton

‘Low energy, compromised health and little direction’

“I met Michael at a particularly low time in my life when I had minimal energy,  compromised health and little direction. My trip to see Michael was intended as a two day visit that lasted five days during which he used the resonance machine to promote my body to begin the healing process. Michael’s spirit, determination, and drive to help in every way possible were totally inspiring; this form of healing is profound and I feel immensely lucky to have been fortunate enough to experience it when it was so needed.”


Conception Testimonial

We were told by doctors that we were unable to have children and would need to have a certain type of IVF to have a child. For me, sat in the doctor’s with my husband, it was as if the bottom of my world had fallen through. I had always loved working with children and was ready to start a family. Life changed overnight. We spent over £10,000 pounds on two failed attempts of IVF. Heartbroken at the prospect of never being parents we carried that loss for seven years.

Another year passed and we were saving money for another attempt at IVF and I was also having problems with IBS. My mother had heard of a technique performed by a man called Michael Bourne that had successfully helped many people with different kinds of problems so I was intrigued and hopeful.

During the session, Michael explained about burdens in the body which were caused by things like bacteria or parasites. I happened to mention the infertility problem, though I was sceptical at the time. That evening I noticed that my bladder control was different along with the depth of my breath. My IBS bloating had disappeared.

Months later, I knew as soon as I had a metallic taste in my mouth that there was no possibility I was pregnant. I WAS PREGNANT! My pregnancy was a glowing period with no sickness or problems. Michael talked to me about how his technique will eliminate problems with the placenta and pregnancy.

The elation that we felt from day one of the pregnancy was incredible. We now have a beautiful content son who has transformed our world. Of course we don’t know for sure that it was Michael’s treatment that enabled us to have a child but what we do know is that you should try every avenue and we believe that it worked. We cannot thank Michael enough for his knowledge, understanding and practice.  Going to see Michael Bourne that day completely changed my life. As soon as I held our beautiful boy, Jack, in my arms, all those years of anguish and stress just melted away. I’m so thankful I was given that chance.”

C. Edwards

Unexplained Chronic Illness/ME

I had suffered from unexplained chronic illness since I was a teenager, beginning with a nasty virus which left me pretty much confined to my home for several months. Throughout my twenties, my health would fluctuate from normal energy, to low energy, to no energy, and although I tried my best to remain outgoing and optimistic, by my mid twenties it was clear that something just wasn’t right. So began a decade of fruitless trips from doctor to doctor, where I was repeatedly told that there was nothing wrong with me, that I ‘just’ had a virus, that  I was ‘just’ depressed, and that perhaps I was suffering from anxiety and needed counselling, and so on. I tried to explain that these symptoms could not possibly originate in my mind, and that if anything, were the cause of any anxiety;  but none of my doctors were willing or able to listen to me. So I lived for years with a constantly below par immune system; with pain in my belly, back, and shoulders; with muscle weakness and blurred vision; and with bouts of dizziness which made me scared to leave the house at times….all the while blaming myself for ‘imagining’ things, and for not being mentally strong enough to ‘make myself well.’

By my late twenties I had gone from being an outgoing, bubbly person with a promising career in journalism, to a shadow of my former self. Constantly worried about when symptoms might reoccur, my social life shrivelled and I felt I no longer had the energy to pursue my career. One needs strong nerves to make it in the media, and mine were shot, so I quit my job and retreated from the world, trying to decide what to do next. Having lost all faith in doctors, I was lucky enough to be introduced me to alternative and complimentary medicine by some friends – which, while more helpful than what I was getting from the GP, still didn’t quite relieve all of my symptoms.

By the time I caught swine flu a few years ago, I had resigned myself to a life of operating at below par energy, and of being dictated to by my body’s strange demands. I also began to believe that maybe the docors were right; that perhaps my problems were not to do with anything physical, but were to do with some kind of mental or emotional weakness in myself. So as well as adjusting my diet, trying various supplements, and having all kinds of treatments, I also entered counselling and had CBT – where I was once again told that my physical problems were all in my mind, and that any symptoms  I had were down to anxiety. I am well versed in the mind-body connection and how it can effect health, but while they were stressing the importance of the mind, they were neglecting to find out what was going on in my body.

Only when a routine eye appointment showed that I had a swollen optic nerve, prompting the optician to refer me to the hospital with a suspected brain tumour, did the doctors finally sit up and take notice. After some nervewracking months, a tumour was ruled out, and they told me, once again, that my symptoms were caused ‘by a virus.’ I believed this, and felt a huge sense of relief, as it meant they no longer thought it was all in my mind. However, as they had no way of treating me, and couldn’t identify what the virus was, I was advised to learn to live with it.

A friend introduced me to the man who helped me regain my health; Michael Bourne. At first I was skeptical; having tried so many different therapies and treatments, I didn’t want to be disappointed. However, I sensed there was something different about this man and his bioresonance machines; and when my friend told me of his success in treating her daughter’s autism, I was sold.

That was two months ago, and since then, the treatments I have received have truly transformed my life. Michael informed me about the burdens he found in my body, and at long last I felt validated; with his incredible techniques, he identified that I’d had everything from parasites to toxic metals, to many different viruses including Epstein Barr and Cocsasckie, which are known to cause ME, to several different kinds of bacteria, to problems in my connective tissue and optic nerve…the list goes on and on. Not only were his findings incredibly accurate (he discovered that my husband had a poison from a flouride treatment he had as a child, for example ) but the healing from the Harmonisation programmes has been profound; giving me back a sense of the person I was before these burdens took over, and hope in my future again. Now I feel like I am operating at 95% of my energy, as opposed to mostly 45% and I feel at home in my body again. And all of this has been achieved without me even having to leave the house, through the power of distance healing!

Michael’s generosity and kindness have restored my faith that there are indeed good people out there who care, and who can help, as well as introducing me to the healing power of Energy. Michael is not only a great healer, but has also become a great friend. Myself and my family will be forever grateful to him and to Health Harmonisation.
Amanda T.

Hidden Disease – A Mystery Unravels

“In February 1979 at the age of 32, just as my career seemed to be assured,  I suffered an illness which not only baffled doctors but completely altered the course of my life.   This illness did not ‘get better’ in the usual way, but left me bedbound for a year with severe weakness and muscular pain.   Thereafter, I learned to adapt to my chronic condition and its multiple symptoms, but two severe viral attacks (in 2000 and 2007) brought additional challenges to my already depleted energies.

My condition was labelled M.E., but in view of the fact that the most distressing aspects were widespread muscular pain and weakness,  I often wondered if severe fibromyalgia would have been a more accurate description.Throughout the years I explored numerous Alternative and Complementary approaches hoping to find answers to the persistent questions “What is causing my pain?”,  “Why is everything such a struggle?”, “Why do I feel I am carrying such a heavy burden?”

In June 2011, I met an Oscillation Medicine practitioner (Michael Bourne) who spoke the language of burdens – toxic burdens. He explained that each particular body toxin (or burden) can be detected by its specific vibrational frequency, and that it is also possible to pinpoint exactly where in the body it is causing distress. By programming these vital pieces of information into electronic signature machines, toxic frequencies can be safely eliminated, or harmonised, giving immense relief to the sufferer.    Viruses, fungi and yeasts, metals, hydrocarbons and the often pain-causing bacteria and parasites all fall within the category of pathogens which can be addressed using this scientifically-based German system.

Thus began a fascinating and intensely rewarding journey into the emerging field of Energy Medicine, which in this case uses magnetic fields to influence the healing process. Gradually, over the course of time my body has revealed the true extent of the parasites, bacteria and viruses etc. that had built up since childhood, overloaded my immune system and tipped the balance into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and widespread muscular pain. Each time a burden has been revealed the light of recognition has been switched on, that particular bacteria or parasite was causing that area of pain! Gradually, over a period of months as treatment continued, I began to experience less pain, more energy and a new confidence in my body until one day about 3 months after treatment had started, I realised that I was walking without even thinking about where the next step was coming from, my body was just happily……….walking!   I also realised that household tasks had taken on a life of their own – I no longer had to ‘think’ each movement, energy was flowing freely.

The Integrative Medicine practitioner William Collinge in his book ‘Subtle Energy’ (1998) writes ‘With no cure in sight for such maladies as cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and Alzheimer’s disease, we may need to expand our paradigm of what matters in health, to consider magnetic field therapies.’    As the book says,  ‘We are beings of energy, living in a universe of energy.’

I am extremely grateful that Energy Medicine (in the form of Oscillation Medicine) has made a big impact towards kick-starting my health improvement, it has achieved what its name suggests;  a fundamental shift in the quality and quantity of my energy and a drastic reduction in levels of pain.”

Diana Bellinger