The Blood Group Diet

Our harmonisation treatment programmes are principally designed to rid the body of toxicity, however there is another important aspect sparked by the excellent work of Dr. J D’Adamo in his book ‘Eat Right for Your Type’.  Doctor D’Adamo’s work highlights the connection between Blood Group and diet.


 Type O:  Those in the blood Group ‘O’ are the original and ancient and lean, mean hunting machine who eeked out an existence hunting animals. In today’s world of toxicity Group O’s have to be aware that it is now proven that meat-eaters are prone to a heart disease risk factor and, most of today’s meat is laced with indiscriminate amounts of antibiotics and hormones. Type O Group should be looking for organic meat, poultry and fish. Weight loss can be achieved by restricting grain input & bread (why don’t they teach this in schools?)  Gluten and & Group O blood could be compared to putting the wrong petrol in your car, instead of fueling it to race along at maximum speed, it clogs the whole system.

 Type A;    Sorry folks, Type A blood is vegetarian. The reason; type A weren’t hunters like ‘O, but farmers. And prone to heart disease and diabetes, they are the exact opposite of type O, storing meat as fat rather than fuel as type O. Eliminate meat, your on vegetables!

 Type B:. type B is a sophisticated refinement in our evolutionary journey, a joining together of types O and A, Type B is the most flexible, a nomad, a sophisticated refinement in the evelotionary journey, as D’Adamo says ‘an effort to bring together divergent peoples and cultures’.  The best blood group resisting ill-health, with a good B diet you’re on the way to a long and healthy life!

 Type A/B:  Sometimes more A than B., sometimes vice versa, AB’s are a comparatively recent  evolutionary phenomenal mixture of A & B.

 I realise this blog doesn’t give you an answer to eating for your blood group.  It does however introduce you to Health Harmonisation A.Met programmes designed to clear blood toxins away by placing the different blood group frequencies both at the beginning and end of every programme. After that you need the more experienced dietary hand of Marian on



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