The Science

At the turn of the 20th Century, Dr Einthoven (a Dutch doctor) was awarded a Nobel Prize for the discovery that each and every disease resonates on its own specific magnetic field frequency. This discovery was instrumental in the development of the Electrocardiogram, which measures the rhythm, rate and electrical conduction of the heart and now in use in every hospital in the United Kingdom.

In his book ‘Energy Medicine – The Scientific Basis’ James Oschman states “all life depends upon molecules interacting through vibrating or oscillating energy fields. In the human body, each electron, atom, chemical bond, molecule, cell, tissue, organ, (and the body as a whole) has its own vibratory character.”

Additionally, in ‘Grammatical Man’ by Jeremy Campbell we read: “To all the powerful theories of chemistry and physics must be added a late arrival: a theory of information. Nature must be interpreted as matter, energy and information.”

In the world of Energy medicine there is an understanding that ill health is a result of our energy fields being out of balance.  Vibrational resonance therapies seek to bring balance to these energy fields in order to facilitate healing.

The role of electronic signature machines

In Germany, electronic signature machines are used by many doctors to bring balance to the energy field of their patients.

The machine can be used to pinpoint imbalances caused by geopathic stress or electromagnetic radiation. Both can have a negative effect on the body and contribute to the body’s immune system being unable to resist parasites, yeast infections, viruses and undermine the body’s ability to detoxify toxic chemicals.