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Possibly the best way to demonstrate Britain’s deplorable health might be to take my own recent health demise as an example- it is a series of self-health problems which, analysed, have led to the success of Health Harmonisation!  My situation was caused by living in an old Welsh cottage with zero insulation, I inherited fungi and bacteria from the old walls and I was slow to recognise the problem which has taken a lot of sorting out.

The Bourne predicament:  for some time I have had pain in my lower abdomen.  Reporting to the doctor, he sent my blood for analysis and ordered an Ultrasound Scan assessment.  The Ultrasound showed up a tumour/abscess at the bladder neck measuring 1.4 centimetres.  When the blood returned from analysis the doctor looked grim, ‘bladder cancer’ he announced. And when he could see that I wasn’t particularly keen to go for the recommended operation, thought he could sway me by announcing 4 times ‘it will kill’.  As a parting gesture he asked if my family knew.  They did.  So here was a push/pull health situation and with Health Harmonisation and a good many very knowledgeable friends behind me, I suggested another Ultrasound Scan when our in-house harmonisation system had had a chance to eliminate the toxic burdens bound to be in the tumour.  Question:  would the burden elimination succeed in shrinking the tumour (me correct) or the doctor’s assertion that it would rapidly grow and kill, be correct?  As a safety-net I also brought in some new Health Harmonisation brain-boxes to ensure its continued survival – it is too important to lose.  

The reasoning:  Health Harmonisation has yet to see a toxic burden that hasn’t been in the blood.  So an operation on a single part of the body couldn’t possibly succeed, a secondary would occur as the burden continued to circulate the body-blood making a complete circuit every 2 or so minutes!

The discovery:  I put the full force of Energy Medicine behind an effort to eliminate the tumour and avoid the hopeless indignity of a surgeon shoving a knife up my John Thomas and cutting away an on-the-way-out tumour without having any method of assessment of the toxicity burden which are an everyday occurrence in Health Harmonisation’s life. 

The tumour was on the bladder magnetic field frequencies of 28 & 28.25 khz, the neck of the bladder Rectovesical and Pubovesical muscles.  I matched them against Dr. Manfred Denecke’s Cancer Cells and Cancer Metastases on khz 631 and 633 – no sign of any cancer, rather something very different and untested for in British medicine – a massive bacterial problem not only inside the tumour but also in the muscular coat of the bladder on 24.75. And it didn’t stop there, these bacteria were body-wide in the Blood, in the Pineurial Nerves, in the Molecular Cell Water, in the Connective Tissue and resonating on their own particular bandwidth frequencies but also on the overall poisons frequency of 99.99 khz.

The result:  every time I harmonised/smashed the next bacterial layer a rush of dark bladder gunge was ejected from my body.  The list of bacteria was not only frightening, but would have been completely overlooked by going for the tumour not realising the underlying cause was spread body-wide.  The expunged bacteria list: Lamblia Intestinalis, Chlamydia Trachomitis, Pneumocci, Staphylococcus Aureus * (see later for an amusing story), Staphylococcus coag.positive, Lycogola slime mould, Streptococcus Haemolyticus, Streptococcus Pneumonia, Streptococcus Mitis, Herpes Zoster (shingles), Hodgin Pleuritis (gland cancer but not in the bladder. My doctor said the research laboratory would have found if I was correct) the Slime mould Arcyria, Slime mould Sternonitis, Sterigmatocystis, Trichophyton Rubrum, Ersipalas Suum, Bacillus Cereus, Cytophaga Rubra, and the difficult to dislodge Scarlatina. 

None of the above bacteria are tested for by British medicine – what point an operation?

And the good news – through what has often been an excruciatingly painful journey, it has helped develop the Health Harmonisation method of operation.  PLEASE SEE  and read the science behind all this and ‘How we work’ on the Home page and scroll down to the famous Triangle, now part of our logo.

Tragic Britain: There are a number of reasons for the appalling state of the Nation’s health. 

1) Rushed lives with a poor off-the-shelf diet.

                  2) the continued pill ‘dish-out’ by doctors surgeries increasing body tensions and poisons

                  3) failure to look for or tackle the underlying toxic and pain-causing burden.

Conclusion: At Health Harmonisation we are committed to searching for and harmonising the underlying pain-causing burden.  Every time we see folk bent double or walking with a stick or simply overweight or with red faces, indicators of a toxic burden, we cry.  Without the toxicity burdens our hospital beds would be freed up.

                  So: 1) you need Marian Bourne’s dietary expertise to help with obeisity, see www.healthharmonisation and search for ‘Aftercare’ Marian’s expertise could be an enormous help.

2) you need to log on to  and read about the science and how I’m not talking rot.  Then sign up for our harmonisation treatment and watch the pain fly.

                  And wish me luck with that tumour, I would hate for the doctor to be right, me wrong! My amusing story asterisked above:   when I lived in Wales the local hospital sent some 17 nurses for Health harmonisation treatment since they were often off sick. Naughtily perhaps, I would enquire how things were going with the MRSA bacteria riddance in the hospital which had received so much publicity and led to death?  

The reply came back swift and sure ‘millions have been spent, the hospital walls, the floors, every conceivable surgical instrument has been stripped of Staphylococcus Aureus. 

In every case I was able to reply – ‘A pity they didn’t cleanse the nurses’.   For in each and every nurse case from the hospital, all were carrying the bacteria Staphylococcus Aureas, MRSA!!

Thank you – Michael Bourne, 

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