Treating Common Health Problems With Energy Medicine

Body pain ‘disturbance zones’ mean toxic burdens.  Too much computer, microwave, TV, wind turbine exposure and over-use of the mobile phone all equal Electro-Magnetic Radiation (Electro-Smog).  Headaches, foot/hand and low-back all with aches, usually indicates the existence of parasites, possibly bacteria.

In his book ENERGY MEDICINE – THE SCIENTIFIC BASIS, James Oschman states ‘In the living body, each electron, atom, chemical bond, molecule, cell, tissue, organ (and the body as a whole) has its own vibratory character. Since living structure and function are orderly, biological oscillations are organised in meaningful ways, and contribute information to a dynamic vibratory network that extends throughout the body and into the space around it’.

And Gerber, 1988. ‘Energy medicines’ and ‘vibrational medicines’ seek to understand this continuous energetic matrix, and to interact with it to facilitate healing.


So, what apart from the obvious toxic burdens, the bacteria, parasites, hydrocarbons, fungus & yeasts, virus and metals, what do Health Harmonisation look for?

At the time of the Chernobyl catastrophe in 1986, sheep in both Wales and further north in Cumbria were kept off-limits, not allowed to be moved or eaten for more than 5 years.  Government either didn’t know, or suppressed the fact that we humans got the radiation too.  At Health Harmonisation we regularly find that patients have radiation sitting on their Thymus gland controlling the immune system.

The body cannot get rid of man-made chemicals – note The British Medical Association Drug Manual statement that ‘all drugs are chemicals’ and therefore poison. They come from long-standing and over prescribed drugs, from anaesthetics, and from dentistry fillings & injections.

When God made us, he can have had little idea that man would invent chemicals that his so-wonderful body would be unable to rid.  Now comes the question, would you rather be asleep when the surgeon operates, alternatively be held down, gagged whilst the leg is sawn off to save you from gangrene?  Perhaps this is the reason for Health Harmonisation, go for the quiet anaesthetic root, then log-in to Health Harmonisation for us to harmonise the offending man-made poisons!

Methodology:  At Health Harmonisation we have two programmes – A.Met 2 and A.Met 1 …. A.Met 2 consists of the main toxic burdens; bacteria, the parasites and their eggs, 7 types of mercury, 6 varieties of the nerve-killer cortisone, the dissolvents leeching from plastic containers, pesticides and herbicides.  All these toxic burdens are put into programmes based on our experience.  A.Met 1 complements by covering body whereabouts.  Raising the power on the magnetic field we run both programmes simultaneously in order to occupy the home ground of the offending burden.  The toxic burden can only exist on its given frequency and so ousted successfully, the body ejects.  Note: the Dutch doctor, Dr. Einthoven won a Nobel prize for the discovery that each and every disease resonates on its own specific magnetic field frequency, this discovery led to the electrocardiogram used in all hospitals today to measure heart rhythm.

Our experience is that our two A.Met programmes lead to a reduction of body pain by some 95%.  Furthermore, the development of the health ‘onion skin’ revealing any remaining problems should be capable of harmonisation on rounds 2 or 3.

Be in our Listening, our Thinking, our Understanding and our Vision.


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