Weight Loss – The Story


Some years back, and post de-paralysing myself using Energy Medicine or Bioresonance, a Milford-on-Haven builder friend’s fiancé, asked me if I could do anything about her 32 year-old girlfriend who had suffered with tummy pains since she was 15.  She came and within minutes we uncovered that the pain was caused by the fish parasite Cryptocotyle Lingua. Raising the power on the magnetic field to occupy the parasites home territory ground to debunk it whilst feeding in the helminthsporium or parasite egg frequencies, we blasted the pathogen into the ether and the pain immediately disappeared.

Pain gone, she burst into tears, flung her arms around my neck and between sobs said ‘thank you very much’.

To get out of what was a rather embarrassing moment, I tapped her on the thigh and said,

 ’What about all this?’ she was a few pounds overweight!

 ‘Well, if you can get rid of that’, came the reply.

 I searched for Dr. Manfred Denecke’s fat metabolism frequencies and transferred them into my Rayonex Polar 1000 Electronic Signature Machine and made an Energetic Transfer into Jojuba oil – the only oil I had. 

 She went home with strict instructions to regularly rub the oil on her thighs. 

 Two weeks later she telephoned.  ‘I’ve lost half a stone’, she said.

 ‘Keep doing it’, I ordered.

 3 weeks later she was on the wires again – ‘I’m more than a stone and a half lighter’, she announced.


Now that was a good while ago, today Health Harmonisation have researched a Weight Loss programme which is far more sophisticated and works.  We have put in aura blockages, the cell regeneration numbers, fat burning and the regulation of water balance, the ribosomes and the connective tissue, the periodic hormonal control circuit, the lymph drainage system and muscular tissue multi-enzyme complex, the fatty acid synthesis, the protein biosynthesis, the thymus gland and immune system, the phagocytes and pressorreceptors, magnesium phosphate, Vitamin M – altogether 117 magnetic field frequencies to help with your weight loss.

WARNING:  Each morning as I go to buy a paper, I watch horrified as every school child load themselves up with sweets and crisps and stagger out to the bus loaded down with junk food.  No wonder we see a rapidly increasing obesity problem which will add to the National Health Service bill. 

At Health Harmonisation we specialise in making sure the correct electro-magnetic frequencies can help you.  The expert help that we have with dietary advice is on our website under ‘AFTERCARE’ provided by our dietary expert, Marian Bourne.  Those wishing to lose weight on a permanent basis need to consult Marian on the best way to adjust for a better lifestyle.  And if I was in charge, I would take all that junk food off school-going kids before they got on the bus!!You can read Marian’s blog post about how Sugar Causes Cellulite here.

 See the science behind our Weight Loss programme, and then to the treatments page for the details. 

 And good luck – Thank you.     


‘Be in our listening, our thinking, our understanding and our vision’.


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