Weight Loss and Sugar Cravings

Weight can be a sensitive issue. What can be done when sugar cravings are behind your weight gain? We can remove the craving, helping you to lose weight naturally.

Health Harmonisation’s research into our Weight Loss programme has taken some years to complete. The programme’s aim is to clear the cell blockages of harmful sugar and other no-value ‘junk’ foods to allow the body-cells to work unimpeded. It is cell blockages that lead to obesity and being overweight.

So, what’s clogging the system leading to being overweight?

Health Harmonisation research began with the fat metabolism cells, and led to a system which would harmonise, or help free cell blockages and so allow the cells to work normally without the handicap of excessive junk food getting in the way. Our research led us to Cell Tissue Regeneration, to the Ribosomes and Somites, to the Regulation of Water Balance and to Antidiuretic Hormones, to the Lymph Drainage System, to the Muscles and the Multi-enzyme Complex, to the DNA Cytosine and Guanine, to the Immune System and its Killer T Cells and B Lymphocytes, to the Phagocytes. It led us to the Minerals and eventually to the fatty tissue just beneath the skin’s surface (the Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue) and a whole lot more besides.

When we harmonised the weight loss cells we discovered that our patients began to lose weight.

How to help by decreasing the urge for sugary junk foods which lead to being over-weight?

Here is a video with TV’s Richard & Judy explaining how they helped a colleague overcome his smoking adiction. It is worth looking at since the Health Harmonisation Weight Loss programme applies precisely the same principles. As the journalist says in reply to Richard and Judy: ‘Something’s changed, I don’t have the urge anymore’.

A loss of the urge to stuff oneself full of food which clogs the cell system and leads to obesity and being overweight – that is our objective.