What To Expect

General Health

When we receive your vibrational energy, we research which toxic burdens have been affecting you.  We then transmit the harmonisation/healing frequencies to you using the ‘Merlin Torch’ wired into our Electronic Signature Machines.

As the harmonisation process takes place (and for a possible 24 hours afterwards) the body will be expelling the harmonised toxins and this may lead to yawning and a feeling of tiredness.  This tiredness would be a good sign, as it is the body sighing with relief at being rid of the unwanted toxicity. After a 24 hour detoxifying period you should feel a sudden increase in energy  and hopefulness, as the burdens previously weighing you down are released.  We run the programme again in 7 to 10 days time in order to catch any toxicity that was masked on round 1.  If any ‘disturbance zone’ persists thereafter, it means there is another  masked toxin missed in the initial harmonisations. In order to help with this, we need to know about any of these remaining niggles and where in the body they are.  Alternatively, if you subscribe for a full six months treatment course they will automatically get picked up.

Smoking and Alcohol Addiction

Harmonisation follows the same procedure outlined above, with the addition of taking out the ‘urge’ as outlined in the website video by Richard and Judy.


Harmonisation is more complex.  We run the fat metabolism frequencies against a Sugar-craving programme, which will reduce the urge to binge on sugary products. At the same time we run a second programme to reduce the ‘sugar-clogging factor’ in the controlling fat metabolism and cellulite skin cells.  This very sophisticated programme came out of extensive research at Health Harmonisation and we are looking for people to participate in our Weight Loss Trial and join us in saying ‘A size less in jeans – Health Harmonisation’. If this is you, please look here.